PARK, Young La



Specific Objects

Line. It is contained in every thing in the world, every thing that comes into being, grows and disappears, as well as leaves traces behind. It exists everywhere, equally in mountains and water, in light and the physical expression of persons, in buildings and any object.
At the same time each line is unique. It embodies its characteristic and specific order and regulation. Each object will appear as it is, according to what impression the line makes.
Yet all the lines in the world are not independent. They just ascribe an optical attribute to any existence. No line can derive its own name from that, but every line is named for the term and the identity of the being it exists in, for instance, ‘the glittering light’, ‘the high wave’, ‘the satisfied facial expression’, or ‘the geometric vanishing line of a room’, etc.
I want to create a line which is perfectly independent, which does not serve as an attribute. It is a specific being with its own identity and term. I portray the line instead of copying light, wave, facial expression or vanishing line. My object is the line. Inside the visual space of the picture the line can exist absolutely, as its own epitome.
To prove the identity of my line objects I invite a void into the visual space. Inside the empty space the objects stop or pass; they struggle with each other or become engulfed in themselves; they boast or dally; they reach for the top or fade away.
Nevertheless, my objects of lines are purely visual. They exist merely in my visual world, namely in my picture frame. They are illusions. Ironically simultaneously they exist in reality as painted lines on the surface of a painting. In the tension between purely visual illusion and real being I again and again face the specific object;
the line that speaks for itself.